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Prism Phase 9 DHA Lahore

The real estate sector in Pakistan has undergone a radical transformation since many locals have migrated to the country’s urban centers to search for better opportunities and lifestyles. Affording a home in one of the metropolitan cities of Pakistan is quite a dream for many. Moreover, since much of the space has already been occupied with homes and apartments, it is tough to land a residential area for oneself.

Apart from that, it is hard to land housing projects that can provide the high standard of living that one is looking for. With the emergence of housing societies, many people are interested in residing in these magnificent communities that provide a safe and secure environment away from city life for their loved ones. From an investment point of view, many local and overseas investors are looking for credible and approved housing projects to earn a stable profit within a short period.

When mentioning housing societies in Pakistan, one cannot forget Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Lahore. DHA Lahore is the most luxurious and renowned residential project working under the management of the Pakistan Army. It started with Phase 1 of DHA Lahore, and after its success, more phases were launched that have attracted immense investment inflow for residential and commercial properties. DHA Lahore is the most extensive real estate in Asia and is a first choice for residential investment among the affluent of Pakistan.

The latest update of DHA Lahore is its newly launched new phase, called DHA Phase 9 Prism. DHA Lahore Phase 9 Prism provides its residents with a luxurious living standard, just as it promises its investors. Prism is divided into 16 sectors, making it the most significant phase of DHA, Lahore, so far. The map or master plan of DHA Phase 9 Prism covers a total area of more than 40,000 Kanal, with more than 30 commercial buildings operating within the territory and 2000 commercial plots.

This phase will provide extension and wide road networks connecting the residents easily to all basic facilities, including schools, hospitals, parks, and recreational centers. Many residential plots are located near parks, facing Askari 11 or the main boulevard. These location plots will be priced high as compared to general plot categories.

Lahore DHA Prism 9 has marked the beginning of an era by providing comfort and a luxury lifestyle with world-class amenities that DHA is known for. Prism 9 also boasts a compelling location; it is a mere ten-minute drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport. It is located at Main Ring Road and can be easily accessed through two interchanges, including Aashiana interchange.

This much-anticipated phase of DHA Lahore is surrounded by the highly populated block C and Askari 11 apartments. Prism can easily be accessed from DHA town, Askari-11 & DHA Phase 5 M-block. Moreover, no villages, graveyards, boundaries, or drains are situated in this extensive piece of land. This phase had already gained popularity when it launched, and the single or bulk files are still trading in the market.

Lahore DHA Prism 9 offers five marla residential plots in blocks A, B, C, D, and E at a minimum investment of Rs 100 lakhs, while eight marla plots are located in block A mainly and can be purchased with a minimum investment of Rs 147 lakhs. 6.5 marla, 6.25 marla, and 21 marla residential plot categories are also available as limited options. Location plots of 1 Kanal near all facilities such as schools, shops, and parks would cost around Rs 180-225 lakhs depending on the blocks of Prism 9. Some of the blocks already have possession while some are non-developed plots waiting for possession which the management of DHA, Lahore will soon announce.

Apart from commercial plots, DHA Phase 9 Prism also offers 5 marla double story homes on a 3 year easy installment plan. You can select how you want your house to look like, a Spanish villa or an Italian one. These houses are aesthetically designed and cost around Rs 3 crores with A 30% down payment and monthly installments. The layout of these homes is pretty impressive with a double story infrastructure, three bedrooms with attached washrooms, two kitchens, two living spaces, a car porch and a servant quarter.

DHA Lahore has always been on top of its game by timely delivering its phases and by focusing on the development of their plots, homes and buildings. DHA’s management has always endeavoured to provide an opportunity to live innovative and modern living. Relying on the elements of strategic urban planning, development, and sustainability it has carved out its residential and commercial projects and have always facilitated local and international investors through many years since it was established.

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