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Citi Housing Sialkot

Citi Housing Sialkot is the second real estate project of Citi Housing Developers. The Gujranwala project strengthened the public to admire the development of society and the positive response forced the developers to start the second project. Then, they decided on the city of sports manufacturing where people lack a complete and modern housing development project in accordance with international standards and standards. Following the track of previous development, Citi Housing Scheme Sialkot also proves to be another quality real estate project offered by the first modern real estate project in Sialkot.

Citi Housing Sialkot is developing a standard 200-bed international hospital, a world-class school, a large mosque with central air conditioning, a zoo, a luxury gym and spa and a world-class movie theater that enrich the exuberance of the gold standard life.


Citi Housing Sialkot presents innovative services and privileged entertainment facilities for privileged residents. From the classic architectural design of mosques to excellence in education, from the immaculate philosophy and security strategy to the uninterrupted supply of energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the luxurious lounge to the innovative fitness centers to reduce weight and shape the body, from the inspiration of wildlife, to the cinematic indulgence of world-class films for exquisite tastes of the China Citi restaurant. Residents have access to a beautiful artistic mosque and an international standard school system, in addition to privileged services such as an underground tunnel of uninterrupted public services, an extensive network of open roads, green parks and a zoo for entertainment and education, and a fully equipped hospital.


Residential with commercial markets with complete infrastructure.


  • Plots are offered after development on newly acquired land.
  • Large number of houses have been completed and occupied.
  • Few under construction houses are near completion.

Prominent Features

  • Artistic and tastefully decorated air-conditioned Mosque.
  • Lush green parks with colorful and fresh flowerbeds.
  • Greek Monuments of lions and pillars.
  • WAFI Citi entrance gate with its imposing sophistication and grace.
  • Amazing Trafalgar Square.
  • Modern Zoo with wild animals like lions, leopard, zebras, etc
  • Amazing dancing fountain.
  • Waterfall garden.
  • Waterfall with divers.
  • Royal marques for every joyful event.
  • Fitness center to live healthy life.
  • Parlor for giving you look you deserve.
  • Shopping MART to keep you free from buying hassles in busy city markets.
  • Majestic and breathtaking streetscapes.
  • Underground utility corridor.
  • Commercial Area.
  • Main Security Office.
  • Head Office for customer service center.

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