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Citi Housing Jhelum

Citi Housing Jhelum is located in the heart of the modern Jhelum. Planned and developed with precision, this gated community offers an impeccably safe and luxurious lifestyle with a picturesque landscape. From commercial boulevards to residential blocks, world-class health facilities to international standard schools, Mosque with centralized air conditioning, impressive zoo, luxury gym and spectacular spa, exclusive cinema and beautiful parks, this epic project combines luxury with the value for Offer its residents the comfort, convenience and class that remain the true hallmark of Citi Housing Gold Standard Living.


Radiating a true sense of class, Citi Housing Jhelum has made deliberate efforts to provide super luxurious services, infrastructure and entertainment facilities. The illustrious devotion to the details of Citi Jhelum has no comparison and his way of doing the most modern things makes his resident proud owner of the property. The people of Jhelum consider Citi-Housing as the touchstone to measure the quality of lifestyle, urban planning, development, construction, maintenance and horticulture.

Citi Housing Jhelum strives to provide a healthy lifestyle for its residents. The visual experience of a pedestrian intensifies after seeing expensive plants along the streets, beautiful flowerbeds, trimmed bushes, scenic parks with well-groomed grasslands dotted with pieces of flowerbeds, monuments, lampposts, signage and sidewalk configurations, etc. Residents have access to a beautiful artistic decoration. Mosque and an international standard school system, plus privileged services such as an underground tunnel of uninterrupted public services, an extensive network of open roads, green parks and a zoo for entertainment and education, and a fully equipped hospital.

Type: Residential with commercial markets with complete infrastructure.


  • Plots are offered after development on newly acquired land.
  • Large number of houses have been completed and occupied.
  • Few under construction houses are near completion.

Prominent Features

  • Artistic Mosque and tastefully decorated with air conditioning.
  • Lush green parks with colorful and fresh flower beds.
  • Greek monuments of lions and pillars.
  • WAFI Citi entrance door with its imposing sophistication and grace.
  • Amazing Trafalgar Square.
  • Modern zoo with wild animals such as lions, leopards, zebras, etc.
  • Incredible dance fountain.
  • Garden waterfall.
  • Waterfall with divers.
  • Royal marks for each joyful event.
  • Gym to live a healthy life.
  • Lounge to give you the look you deserve.
  • Buy MART to not buy problems in the city markets.
  • Majestic and impressive urban landscapes.
  • Underground corridor of public services.
  • Commercial area
  • Main Security Office
  • Central office of the customer service center.

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  1. Shahid - 06/21/2022 Reply

    Well Done, keep it high.

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