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Citi Housing Faisalabad

Citi Housing Faisalabad is a city within the city. It has been meticulously planned according to the latest international planning and urban engineering standards. Citi Housing Sargodha Road is exceeding all standards of excellence to create a spectacular lifestyle for the amazing people of Faisalabad. Located at the junction of the M4 (Lahore-Faisalabad Motorway) and Faisalabad-Sargodha Road.

An immaculately developed road network connects the commercial areas and residential blocks of this gated community. The whole city is adorned with lush green belts with colorful flower beds, urban landscapes, pavements and curbs. Digital and manual surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including all entry and exit points, guarantees the tranquility and prosperity of our residents. The next leisure and entertainment facilities, the health and fitness center, the running tracks, the school, the hospital, the mosque with central air conditioning, the cinema and the zoo offer everything for everyone for a perfectly calm and comfortable lifestyle luxurious that only comes with a standard of living. Citi Housing Faisalabad has reached brand status and is completely sold out.


Citi Housing Faisalabad demonstrates the true perception of a sophisticated and elegant life in a gated community where elements of elegance, luxury and practicality are combined to create the most modern and world-class housing project. Citi Housing offers residents the best facilities in terms of shopping centers, entertainment venues and leisure activities that include recreational, commercial, infrastructure and residential facilities. Residents have access to a beautiful artistic mosque and an international standard school system, in addition to privileged services such as an underground tunnel of uninterrupted public services, an extensive network of open roads, green parks and a zoo for entertainment and education, and a fully equipped hospital.


Residential with commercial markets with complete infrastructure.


  • Large number of houses have been completed and occupied.
  • Few houses under construction are almost finished.

Prominent Features

  • Artistic mosque and tastefully decorated with air conditioning.
  • Lush green parks with colorful and fresh flower beds.
  • Greek monuments of lions and pillars.
  • WAFI Citi entrance door with its imposing sophistication and grace.
  • Amazing Trafalgar Square.
  • Modern zoo with wild animals such as lions, leopards, zebras, etc.
  • Majestic and impressive urban landscapes.
  • Underground corridor of public services.
  • Commercial area
  • Main Security Office
  • Central office of the customer service center.

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