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We live in times of economic and political uncertainty. With the market going through various fluctuations, saving your wealth and preventing it from devaluing is crucial. There are many ways to increase the value of your wealth, such as stock and gold investment, but the most lucrative option is that of real estate investment. Real Estate investment is divided into two categories: residential and commercial. Investing in commercial real estate over residential property is considered more by investors nowadays as it has the maximum income potential over a short time. From retail buildings and office buildings to apartments, there are various options to consider when investing in commercial property.

In Pakistan, there is a high rise in mixed-use projects that offer showrooms and shops on the ground and first floor and apartments of different sizes on the rest of the floors. One such recent project that has created hype in the real estate market is Opal Square, a commercial project that is already built and ready to move. It is a safe and secure investment option for those overseas and local investors who want to invest at reasonable rates and enjoy a flexible payment plan.

Opal Square is a unique commercial marvel in all its glory. Firstly, it is a ready-to-move-in, already-constructed project where brands and corporations are already operating. Having commercial activity in the project or nearby ensures the investor that investing here is a wise choice.

Secondly, Opal Square is located in D-Markaz, Gulberg Green Islamabad, a fully developed and mature area. The roundabout near this project ensures a high traffic flow making it beneficial for the brands to make more money and gain more recognition. With a Rs 50 lakhs shop, you can earn about Rs 50,000 rental income monthly as an investor. Even If you start your own business, you can make a high revenue due to increased footfall in the area.

Thirdly, Opal Square provides a flexible and affordable payment plan. Shops and corporate of various categories are available for booking with a 1-year installment plan. This commercialized project also offers a Buy-back guarantee which means your investment won’t be stuck, and the amount can be cashed back with profit. 

Opal Square in Gulberg Green, Islamabad, is an all-new CDA-approved commercial project offering shops, showrooms, and offices of different sizes and types. It is already constructed, on the ground, and in a possession phase.  You can quickly run your own business or a brand outlet by paying the lump sum amount or by paying Rs 14 lakhs affordable down payment and installments on a proposed payment plan. After the completion of its installments, possession will be granted. Another feature that Opal Square offers is that on the minimum investment of Rs 20 lakhs, a 1% rental will be provided. This investment gives you a stable and fruitful rental income consistent with time. 

Apart from the promise of rental income, a buy-back guarantee can also be availed. If you want to sell back your property after a year, the company will buy back your investment with a 12% profit on proper and genuine documentation. Opal Square offers you the flexibility to do business just how you like and invest how you want. This already-constructed project is located in D- Markaz, D Block of Gulberg Green offers various categories of shops, showrooms, and apartments. The minimum investment would require around Rs 46 lakhs, and the maximum investment can go as high as Rs 2 crores. Opal Square covers a total area of 2 kanal with 5 floors.

Compared to residential property, properties capable of bringing in the highest return on investments are typically those with the highest number of tenants, which is considered commercial and includes apartments, shops, and showrooms. Many commercial hubs are being constructed in housing societies, and their grey structures are being laid out. Even in this time of uncertainty and crisis, commercial investment is considered the best to recover profits. An investment that will add more value to your wealth is, no doubt, real estate. 

Commercial hubs in these societies are exponentially rising, and their profits can be generated within 1.5-2 years compared to residential projects. It may take around 8-10 years for residential societies to be fully functional and developed, while commercial areas take a short time to be called fully functional. Moreover, demand for commercial properties is higher than residential ones as it only constitutes around 20% of any housing project. Since there are few commercial properties and that too of the standard of Opal Square in prime locations, the demand is significantly high.  Real estate investment in commercial projects provides you with a tangible asset and ensures good ROI (return on investment) and financial stability in the long run. Therefore, investing in projects like Opal Square is wise for investors.

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