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The View Part 2 Bahria Town Islamabad by Titanium Group

The View Part 2 is situated in Bahria Town Phase 8 of Islamabad. After the success of The View Lahore, The View Part 2 is coming soon with a bang and is to be launched in the biggest commercial hub of Punjab, also known as the main business district. This is considered to be the best selling property in Lahore in 2023.

This project will be facing a 350 wide main boulevard road and will be surrounded by many high rise projects including national and international hotel chains and malls. This location is a prime focal point of Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad where many grey structures of commercial projects have already been laid out. This location will also boast a high level of commercial activity, be it restaurants, cafes or brands, everything will be present here to facilitate the residents of this housing society.

High rise commercial projects show grandiose power. Many developed countries Like Dubai and Malaysia boast about their superiority and construction prowess as they contribute to make up the city’s skyline. These high rise buildings are not only prevalent in developed countries but are also making their mark in countries where they serve a greater purpose and are considered the most profitable real estate category as compared to homes or residential plots.

Vertical living is certainly here to stay. In Pakistan some of these buildings are not only catering to a luxury segment of the target market but are also catering to a growing urban population. These dominating structures are necessary for cities that can no longer accommodate more on ground homes, shops or offices. Many projects of this stature are now quite evident in cities all over Pakistan. One such credible project is The View Islamabad, which is a mixed-use building, a mega luxury project, launched to offer not only apartments, but also offices, shops and showrooms. You hardly come across high-end projects like The View which are built to the standards of International architecture design. This ultra- modern project is for sure a testament to the fact that investors are looking for more than just four walls and a parking lot, they want to invest or reside in a project they are proud to own.

The main head office of Bahria Town Rawalpindi/Islamabad will be shifted there as well, adding more value to this area and causing a rise of footfall which will certainly bring in more projects and investors in the future. The View Part 2 will have all the luxurious amenities that are offered for The View by Titanium Group. The View Part 2 Islamabad is living up to its hype as it has already been 20% booked. With a 2.5 year instalment plan, booking for this project is currently ongoing and possession will be granted within 18-20 months.

The View Part 2 Islamabad offers luxurious apartments and hotel rooms that will be the epitome of style and comfort. From the moment you enter the reception, you’ll be greeted by a world-class level of sophistication and class. Each apartment as well as hotel room is to be curated to perfection with state-of-the-art amenities, premium finishes, and modern design that leaves no stone unturned in terms of opulence.

The View Part 2 offers furnished apartments in two categories: studio apartments and executive apartments which are one bed apartments that boast an array of features, from stunning balconies and breathtaking views of Bahria Town’s business district. It will be constructed on an 80,000 sq feet area where lower ground , ground floor and first floor will be dedicated to shops and showrooms. The second floor will offer offices of different sizes which can be utilised by startups or established corporations. From the third floor onwards, there will be luxury apartments and hotel rooms. This commercial haven also offers an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city. The residents of the View will have access to top-notch facilities, recreational activities, advanced security features and other amenities to keep them engaged and active.

The View offers Hotel rooms as well which can be booked and rented out to obtain a handsome rental income. It will accommodate tourists in the future and will contribute to the tourism of this country. The View Part 2 was launched considering the success of The View by Titanium Group in C block of Bahria Town Lahore near its iconic attractions of Eiffel Tower, Imtiaz Mall and Jasmine Grand. This location also boasts a high level of commercial activity, be it restaurants, cafes or brands, everything is present here to facilitate the residents of this housing society. The View has two sides open with one side facing the 6 kanal luscious park and another side facing a 150 sq feet wide main boulevard road.
Amenities such as dedicated parking, swimming pool and rooftop cafe will also be provided along with the wide range of other offerings. Residents of The View can also enjoy online transportation services and their own dedicated commercial area with restaurants, gyms, park, cinema and various other brands. The View, Bahria Town Lahore can also easily be accessed through multiple gates of Bahria Town Lahore quite easily. The View Lahore is being constructed on 2400 sq feet consisting of a basement, a ground floor and 6 more floors. The basement will be reserved as a multi purpose hall and the ground floor will have commercial showrooms which are designed to accommodate any brands and any other types of business operations.

With its fully functional surrounding, The View by Titanium Group has been the most sought project by global as well as local investors making its 95% booked at its pre launch phase. The View Lahore can still be booked with few limited options available. Currently the grey structure of its first floor has been laid out and the development is in full swing. With a year or 2 , this project will certainly provide all that it promised, all its international standard fixtures and amenities.

Asia’s largest private real estate haven, Bahria Town has been the centre of attraction for luxury housing for homebuyers and investors around the world. Bahria Town prides itself on creating a lifestyle that’s second to none, with luxury apartments and residences that are designed to exceed expectations.
Investing in a most developed society of Bahria Town whether its Bahria Town Lahore or Bahria Town Islamabad has its own benefits. Over the years they have gained a reputation of providing the best commercial and residential property. Apart from an amazing living standard provided, investing in any commercial project will reap more profits than investing in plots or houses. Locals are understanding the importance and the advantages of residing in flats since they are comparatively more reasonable to purchase than homes and residential plots and also their maintenance is carried out by the flat’s management. than residential plots and The View Lahore and The View Part 2 can certainly be a new home for those individuals who want luxury lined with premium facilities.

Transitioning from a conventional country that gives importance to on ground residences to a country that favors vertical living and commercial projects will certainly be difficult. However, a small step towards this new vision would be to incorporate residential spaces with commercial spaces like The View Islamabad does effectively. With an abundance of high rise buildings in booming metropolitans, the city can also show its economic stability and growth.

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    Seems like good investment

  2. Asad Ali - 04/01/2023 Reply

    Great Opportunity

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    Best investment opportunity

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    Seems like a Good oppertunity to invest 👍🏼

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    The most impressive project with complete package of amenities and facilities👍🏻

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    Investing in commercial is good opportunity maybe

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    Seems like a good opportunity considering the current market

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    Great opportunity for investment

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    Its a successful project part one is great now waiting for part 2 to come.

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    Very good investment opportunity

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    Great opportunity

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    Best Investment opportunity in the Business HuB or Bahria Town Phase 8 Islamabad

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    A best Investment and Business Opportunity In The view Part 2 because this location is very prime, & worthy it will give boost to your investment in future.
    So don’t miss itml.

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    Prime location with Classy Amenities and Extraordinary Return on Investment in near future

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