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When you start thinking about buying the home of your dreams, keep three things in mind: the first is the location, the second is the owners, and the third is the developer. Keeping these three factors in mind, one can make an informed decision on whether to buy or invest in the perfect home of one’s dreams. Victoria City in Lahore has everything a dream home needs, and the fascinating and appealing feature is that its owner and developers, the Sheran Wala Group, are providing both services.

History of Owners and Developers

Sheran Wala Group has a fascinating history as an owner and developer. They have a successful history of high-rise buildings with commercial and residential properties, such as the Times Square mall in Bahria Orchard, which is the most recent and modern project now under construction, Jinnah Tower, Jinnah mall, and so on. This is their first housing project as both a developer and an investor. Victoria City has a smaller risk for a buyer’s investment because the owners and developers are the same people, and they have staked their reputation in the market, so they will not jeopardize their name for the sake of reputation and market.


Such a large project necessitates a premium location, and this project has not failed us in its choice of location. According to their GM, they have received NOC for a 1000-Kanal plot of land for Victoria City. Let’s have an overview of your dream house location. Victoria City is in a great location, and in the not-too-distant future, they will have access to Canal Road and Multan Road. If you are traveling from Niaz Baig Road, Victoria City is located on the right side after Bahria Town, roughly 10 kilometers away. If you’re heading from Multan Road to Sunder Bridge, Victoria City will be on your left side after passing Sunder Bridge at a distance of 3 to 4 kilometers. This is the most appealing and suitable site for a housing project that has enhanced its market value and expertise.

Value & Returns

Victoria City, which includes both residential and business areas, is already generating a lot of buzz in the market. The commercial is given on the main boulevard. It is expected that soon the same will be demanded in commercial, as almost all commercial is sold out. As a result, it is expected that Victoria City’s market will skyrocket in its residential as well as the commercial side. According to the GM of Victoria City, roughly 1400 plots have been allocated to dealers and marketing businesses. This is a decent number and this is why people are interested in new bookings.

This project’s payment plan is pretty fascinating, but it will be updated after Eid ul Fitr. For instance, a 3 marla booking will cost 2.5 lacs or 2 lacs for form submission. Additionally, the confirmation payment due in 50 to 60 days.

Because of the project’s pricing and payment plan, it is a good idea to invest in it. During Ramadan, if you book a 5 marla for 2.5 lacs or 2.75 lacs, you can earn a return of 50,000 rupees. In today’s market, it is impossible to find a project of this sort to invest in. This provides an excellent opportunity as a short-term and long-term investment. Even when comparing the boulevards of Victoria City and Bahria Town, there is a significant price disparity. Property at Victoria City’s boulevard will cost you 2cr, whereas Bahria would cost you 8 to 9cr.

After going over all of the elements and features of Victoria City, we can conclude that it is a very exciting and useful project to own dream home or a business in this location. However, you need to act quickly because most of the property is selling out swiftly.

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