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Trivelles Smart Homes Luxury Villas in Capital Smart City

A million dollars project of luxury villas is going to become a part of Capital Smart City Islamabad launched by Trivelles International a UK based Construction Company.

This project will beautifully consists of 1000+ luxury smart villas, 1000+ apartments and 2000+ residential units. The Phase 1 of Trivelles Smart Homes will be located next to Golf Course, Lake and along the Overseas Block of Capital Smart City.

Developers Details

Trivelles International is a UK Based real estate firm working globally. It’s a well-reputed name due to its beautiful and timely project completion with all the present-day facilities. The developers are brilliantly working in 10 major cities of the UK including Manchester and London with a worth of projects 100+ million USD. The company has started its project in the heart of Pakistan Islamabad in association with FDH, HRL, and the Smart Residential Limited.

Location Details & Development

Trivelles Smart Homes will become a part of Capital Smart City Islamabad. The project will be developed next to Overseas Block of the society. This project will have the Crystal Lake on one side, and the 18 Hole Golf Course to the other.

The development work in Capital Smart City is already started and it is expected that the work on the development of these luxury villas will also started soon.

Facilities and Features at Trivelles Smart Homes

Trivelles Luxury Villas are beautifully architected by keeping modern standards of construction in mind. Here the developers will use the best quality of materials and fittings, though smart features have also been presented as optional add-ons.

These luxury villas are designed and divided into three categories according to their feature and details is given below:

  • Premium Homes
  • Exclusive Homes
  • Classic Homes

Each category of these luxury villas will have different yet top features like smart technologies; however, some amazing, optional add-ons will also be available that will be added to design on the demands of clients.

Some Attractive Features of Trivelles Smart Homes

Automated Door Lock
You can remotely lock and unlock your main gate through a smartphone app.

CCTV Outdoor Cameras
For strict security 24 hours, CCTV outdoor monitoring is also available through monitor install in your room and smartphone app.

CCTV Indoor Cameras
Through indoor cameras, you can have easy access to monitor all living rooms, stair lobby, and drawing room on your smartphone.

Smart Switch
Through this smart switch you will be able to on/off your electric appliances from your mobile phone.

Gas Sensor
Gas leakage sensor will be fitted in kitchen areas that will sets off the local alarm and sends warning on the smartphone.

Smart Door & Windows
Windows and doors are fixed with sensors which will set an alarm in any difficult situation as well as SMS and Email for warning alert.

Temperature & Humidity Sensor
From your smartphone, you can adjust your Home temperature.

Magic Box
This project is offering you all modern technology to get rid of all kinds of controllers in your house.

For further details contact Titanium Group.

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