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The real estate Scenario in Pakistan is thriving exponentially. Since the interest ratio has seen a slump in the past few years of Covid 19, realtors & masses are considering short term or long term investments.

With a growth rate of 2% in the country’s population every year, the nation’s residential needs are growing exponentially. Hence, cities have started to expand towards the outskirts & new residential/ housing schemes are on the rise.

While the middle-class population is always on the lookout for an eager and steady short-term investment for income-generating or residential purposes, a need for a long-term residential plan is arising steadily.

In metropolitan cities, many upcoming residential and commercial properties are installment-based. Hence, supporting investment in mid-range housing and commercial projects.

Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, various new residential and commercial projects are mushrooming, comprising apartments and business hubs in new residential projects.

Currently, in Lahore, there are several residential projects which are excellent for short term investment. Housing Societies like Al Noor Orchard and Al Rehman Garden start from only 2 lac downpayment for 3 Marla Housing.

al noor orchard

Other projects such as Park View City Lahore, Al Kabir town, Lake City, Bahria Orchard, etc. are excellent for people interested in quick possession for development.

park view

Some of the projects for long-term investment in Islamabad/Rawalpindi are Blue World City, Capital Smart City, and Park View Islamabad.

blue world
park view city

These are some of the currently available and reliable investment opportunities in Lahore and Islamabad. For further details about more great real estate projects. Please subscribe to our youtube channel here.


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