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Villas Apartments at Eighteen Islamabad

Welcome to the epitome of luxury living in the heart of Islamabad – Eighteen Islamabad (Elite Reverie Housing). This distinguished and RDA-approved housing project stands as a symbol of opulent international living, setting new standards for residents who aspire to live life on their terms. Additionally, it boasts the coveted approval of Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA), solidifying its status as a secure and safe investment opportunity with the No Objection Certificate (NOC) in place.

Prime Location and Accessibility Points:

Strategically located at Kashmir/Srinagar Highway, just 5 km from Golra Mor and 3 km from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway exit, Eighteen Islamabad is not just easily accessible but also the nearest project to Islamabad City, making it an ideal choice for investors seeking both profitability and convenience.

  • Located at Srinagar/Kashmir Highway
  • About 15 min drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • About 6 min drive from M-1 Motorway
  • About 4 min drive from M-2 Motorway
  • About 10 min drive from M-14 Motorway
  • About 14 min drive from Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital
  • About 4 min drive from Islamabad-Rawalpindi M-2 Motorway toll plaza

Surrounded by Landmarks

Surrounded by landmarks such as Top City – 1, CBR Phase 2, Mumtaz City, Al Haram City, M-2 Motorway, M-1 Motorway, Shalimar Town, University Town, Golra Mor Interchange, Srinagar/Kashmir Highway, Islamabad International Airport, Hakla DI Khan Motorway toll plaza, Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, and the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Eighteen Islamabad’s prime location ensures it stands at the center of convenience and accessibility.

Diverse Living Spaces

This mixed-use residential project encompasses various living spaces, including:

  • The Villas (1,315)
  • Apartments (1,555)
  • Residential Units (2,870)
  • Commercial Properties (The Core, The Square, The Clinic, The Club, The Resort, 18-Hole Golf Course, Driving Range, and Gold Academy)
  • The Heights (28 pavilion-style buildings)

Villas of Distinction

The villas at Eighteen Islamabad, numbering around 1,315, are an embodiment of extreme luxury. Designed for those with a taste for finer things in life, these villas boast architectural styles, elite designs, and Italian craftsmanship in the interiors. Each size of Eighteen Islamabad villas, ranging from ½ Kanal to 8 Kanal, adheres to international standards, promising residents a life of unparalleled comfort.

Heights of Modern Living

The Heights in Eighteen Islamabad is an exemplary design, providing spacious and modern living. With around 28 pavilion-style buildings hosting limited apartments per floor and a maximum of 7 stories, life here is characterized by spaciousness, exceptional style, and continuous luxury.

Variety of Apartments

Apartments in Eighteen Islamabad Heights range from studios to 3-bedroom and 5-bedroom apartments, offering unparalleled views, exceptional style, and uninterrupted luxury. The penthouses at Eighteen Islamabad come in two types, providing options for those seeking a 5-bedroom extravaganza or a cozy 2-bedroom haven, both offering views of the Golf Course.

Penthouse Extravaganza

The penthouses at Eighteen Islamabad come in two types. The first is a 5-bedroom penthouse with 6 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces, ranging from 4,409 ft2 to 4,579 ft2. The second is a cozy 2-bedroom penthouse offering 2 bathrooms and a parking space. Both luxurious penthouses provide views of the Golf Course.

Studio Apartment Bliss

The Studio Apartment in Eighteen Islamabad, sized at around 775 ft2, is equipped with fully fitted wardrobes, a kitchen, a single bathroom, and a bedroom with an en-suite private balcony. The apartment’s glass windows enable residents to bask in natural light, creating a bright and airy living space.

In conclusion, Eighteen Islamabad is not merely a housing project; it’s a promise of a lifestyle that transcends ordinary living. With its strategic location, international standards, and a diverse range of living options, this project stands as a beacon of luxury in Islamabad. Whether you seek a luxurious residence or a lucrative investment, Eighteen Islamabad delivers an experience of sophistication, convenience, and unparalleled comfort. Explore the possibilities and envision your life within the grandeur of Eighteen Islamabad. Invest in elite living, where every detail is meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of luxury.

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