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DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is offering a luxury lifestyle and top facilities to its residents which make it most attractive and popular among all the other societies. DHA is a beautiful architect, well design, and state of the art housing project. The society has already won the hearts of people by providing Royal Lifestyle in it. The demand for not only residential but the commercial property is very high. This high demand is the reason that the developers have launched its different phases.

DHA Lahore is a wonderful description of world-class amenities and premium features. Located close to Allama Iqbal International Airport, the society is known for so many reasons. Defense market of Lahore is also famous for its High-end markets and world-famous food-chains.

Top Facilities in DHA Lahore

Top facilities of DHA Lahore are listed below:

  • 24/7 Security and CCTV monitoring
  • High Standard schools
  • Green parks with jogging tracks
  • Here have a brief look at all of these top amenities.
  • Best Transportation System in DHA Lahore
  • Ease of travel across the city
  • Best Shopping areas
  • Hospital with advanced technology is offering 24/7 Health care Services.

DHA Lahore is providing cab-sharing services to its residents to get rid of public transport. However, many buses have their routes from DHA Lahore to all parts of the city.

Success of this project is that Daewoo Bus service has started local bus service from 2015 within its area. Now you can travel from Y Block to H Block through local Daewoo Bus services.
Besides The Daewoo Bus Service DHA Coaster are also available since 2011.

High Security Dimensions & Security

It is a gated community with a boundary wall with High technology security for the safety of its residents. The project is managed and controlled by Army supervision so it is the safest place for its residents.

Best Markets & Top Shopping Centers at DHA

DHA Lahore consists of many markets with various National and International Brands of all kinds of items. These shopping malls and markets have everything for buyers of all ages.

The Markets of H Block and Y Block are most famous among all other markets. For a wide variety of cafes and lounges T Block markets is famous.

Y Block markets consist of meat and vegetable shops, Recently first Tatto shop of Lahore is also designed in Y Block.

Best Educational Institutions at DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is serving best education system of international standard and its most famous institutions with an international standard of education are listed below:

  • Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS)
  • Lahore Grammar School
  • The Suleman Dawood Business School of LUMS
  • Roots Millennium School

Top Medical Institutions at DHA Lahore

DHA is providing the best medical facilities to its residents with advanced technology and professional Doctors. Some famous medical institutions are given below:

  • The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institutes
  • The Diabetes Wellness Centre
  • The Defense Dentistry
  • National Hospital

Popular Restaurants at DHA Lahore

DHA is offering several national and international standard food-chains such as Wasabi and Sumo, Chinese and Japanese cuisine and Thai restaurant are important. Dampukht and Bundu Khan are also famous for desi food.

Some famous fast-food restaurants are:

  • McDonald’s
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • BYOB
  • Hardees
  • Burger Lab

Lush Green Parks, Best Entertainment, and Fitness Facilities at DHA Lahore

There are green gross parks with beautiful and large play area with gym facilities in DHA Lahore. Most famous parks of DHA are given below:

  • AA Mini Park
  • Sheeba Park
  • CC Park

The popular sports facilities in DHA Lahore are given below:

  • Gym & DHA Sports Center
  • Ijaz Ahmed Cricket Academy
  • DHA Swimming Pool

Pakistan’s most famous library The Defense Public Library with thousands of valuable books is also available here.

DHA is providing 3 club facilities, catering options and community halls to its residents.

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