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Bahria Town Karachi was the part of breaking news and talk shows after the announcement of 35% additional development charges.  However, now the big news is that Bahria Town Karachi has finally announced to postpone all these 35% additional development charges on different properties.

Actually, these additional charges previously imposed on the old booking made before February 2014. No doubt, the year 2020 begins with the great surprise of Bahria Town Peshawar, but at the same time, the imposition of extra development charges was nothing less than a shock.

Moreover, the market also slows down after the announcement of 1 lac plenty on late possession application. So overall, the conditions of Bahria Town’s property market were not good from the last couple of months.

Additional Development Charges, Social Media and Supreme Court

Bahria town karachi protest

There were several protests against Bahria Town Karachi after the imposition of extra development charges of 35. This shocking policy of Bahria Town has also caused an uproar on social media. The majority of people have raised their concerns in response to these new charges. Even most of the Bahria Town customers have submitted their application in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Actually, Bahria Town has announced these charges on old bookings among which most of the properties are developed so far.

Indeed, people were also showing anger on the imposition of 1 lac penalty on a late possession.

But now most of the issues are resolve Even, the process of possession is also running smoothly in Bahria Town Head Office.

 Bahria Town Private Limited and Its Value Customers

Asia’s top developers, Bahria Town Private Limited is known for their advanced developments in the real estate of Pakistan. But at the same time, they are maintaining a good reputation with their good customer services. Yes, Bahria Town has always appeared best in terms of serving its valuable customers.

This announcement of the cancellation of development charges has also proved it.

Right Time to Buy Property in Bahria Town Karachi

Now, most of the matters in Bahria Town Karachi are resolved. Investors are ready to buy the best properties for sale in Bahria Town. The prices of the properties will soon increase with the demand. So, this is the right time to make smart investments in this appealing society.

Don’t miss the opportunity and be a part of this fabulous project at the right time!

For more details, feel free to contact Titanium Group!

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Head Office: Location: 56-B Commercial Zone, Main Boulevard, Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore.

Sub Office: Building No. 176, Spring North Commercial, Phase 7,Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

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